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St. Lucia, QLD


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I am a postgrad student and an experienced prac and private tutor who is able to motivate you and make you succeed!

99% of my privately tutored students pass the exam (refs available) and you can so as well! Contacting me is the first step.

I offer three different type of sessions:
* Budget sessions during the semester: in these sessions we discuss questions you have, I can explain content to you and we can practice exam related questions. This is handy if you like to meet 2 hours/week during the semester

* Deluxe sessions during the semester: we will assess your learning style and combined with your input a learning plan will be made for you. In addition, I will provide you with supplementary notes on the topics we review which will help you with content revision. This is handy if you like to meet 2 hours/week during semester

* The exam is in two weeks and I am freaking out sessions: we will discuss the content you have difficulty with and practice exam related questions. This is handy if you like to meet 1 hours/day during the two weeks before the exam.

Remember, you don't want to increase your HECS debt so investing in a good tutor is the way to go if you are struggling!

Happy to discuss sessions and to make specific arrangements.
Discount is offered if you book multiple hours.


I have been tutoring for 3 years, mainly within the field of biochemistry/ molecular
biology. My experience varies from online tutoring, one on one tutoring to tutoring at
UQ. In addition, I have experience with supervision in industry and academia.

Some example UQ courses I tutored are: SCIE1000, STAT1201, BIOL1020, BIOL1040,
BIOM2200, BIOL2200


I have a bachelor of science degree in molecular biology and a master of science
degree in bio-pharmaceutical sciences. At the moment I am doing my Ph.D. in

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Rates start at $30/hour when at least 5 hours are booked and depend on the type of session and location.



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St. Lucia, QLD



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