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Adam Gluchowski

Sunnybank Hills, QLD


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As far I can remember, I have always enjoyed helping people understand
their school work. Over the years of helping my peers, both casually, professionally, I
believe I have figured out what teaching methods work best and also common issues
which people find with certain subjects. Because both math and physics interest me a
great deal, to the point where I have decided to study them at university, I teach only
these, but I am able to get very in depth with the content as a result. I am able to help
with any level up until grade 12. Apart from my knowledge in maths and physics, I also
have many worksheets and worked examples for these topics which would definitely
come in handy with helping my students understand the content that little bit better. I
have my own transport and am able to drive to most places required.

In summary, I am offering tuition in physics and maths for all years up to year 12.
* I can also tutor any year 11/12 engineering subjects if this is required


- I tutored a friend for an entire term in Maths B in year 12, as the teacher was going too
fast for her. As a result she improved from a HA to an VHA.
- I have had multiple students in the past years, ranging from year 10 to year 12, as well as a 4th
year mining engineering student who required help with university level maths.


- Graduated from Brisbane State High School in 2014 with an OP1
- Received high VHA's in year 12 maths B, maths C and Physics
- Currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science, majoring in physics, at UQ
- As my university elective subject, I completed ENGG1400 Statics and Dynamics, so I can
tutor any high school engineering subjects
- Upon graduating, I received a certificate from the Australian Institute of Physics for
outstanding performance in senior physics
- Multiple academic achievement awards in earlier years in high school
- Completed first year of university with an overall GPA of 6.75

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Sunnybank Hills, QLD





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4 Jan 2016 2:23 PM

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