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Mr Jack Zhai

MacGregor, Sunnybank, Eight Mile Plains, QLD


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Mobile: 0423 093 770
E-mail: (Preferred Contact Method)
Hi my name is Jack. I am 24 years old. I finished my Electrical Engineering degree with honours at the University of Queensland. I am now working in the power industry as an electrical engineer. I'm highly innovative and will do my best to make learning maths fun and enjoyable. I always do my best to bring out the best in everyone. I am an extremely patient person, and I will teach at a good pace and tailor my lessons to the needs of you/your child.

What subjects do I tutor?
Maths Grade 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Senior Maths years 11 and 12 C, B, A.
I'm confident in tutoring Maths and Microsoft Excel, and I am willing to have a go at tutoring other subjects if required, (see below.) If I did not help you with the topic; no payment will be required!

I can also help with proofreading, editing, formatting assignments to help you get higher grades. I've helped tafe and university students from UQ, QUT, CQU, Griffith, QIBT.

What strengths do I possess?
Excellent communication skills, friendly, helpful, approachable and energetic.


When am I available?
I'm available all day on weekends and after 6:30PM on weekdays. It's best you email (Preferred) or call and arrange something one day in advance. Let me know what you need help with, if it's an assignment: attached the task sheet to the email, and what times you are available to come over my house.

I'd prefer it if you can come to my house at Macgregor (I have a large collection of text books but please bring your own text book(s)/notes/workbook(s) that you use for school). I have high speed internet, we can view any material online if needed. If you need anything downloaded, I can download and burn it to a DVD for you. I charge $40/hr if you come to my house. (If the assignment is Excel or Word or something electronic, it's best if you bring your USB thumb drive/stick to take home what we have done at my house.)


I have my own car and GPS, I can come to you. If I'm coming to you and you live far away I will charge more for the first hour eg. $50 (Depending on how far away you live to cover commute cost and time.) and $40 every hour after.

Preferred locations are:
Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Eight Mile Plains, Robertson but if you live elsewhere I will definitely consider it.

Other things I offer:
I can also share other experiences and knowledge that I have accumulated over the years such as:
* Physics
* Micro and Macro Economics

Software Packages:
* Microsoft Word
* Microsoft Powerpoint
* Microsoft Visio
* Microsoft Excel and VBA/Macros
* SQL end user reporting (learn: select, from, where, union, pivot, inner join, left join etc)
* HTML / Dreamweaver
* Build a website for your small business? I can help you get your business online!
* Photoshop (want to learn how to air brush a photo? eg. remove pimples, wrinkles and whiten teeth in a photo?)
Remember: If I did not help you with the topic; no payment will be required!

I am highly proficient with Excel and I can teach you/your child how to use Excel, if you/your child has never used it, or don't feel confident with your/their Excel for Work/School. (Industries such as Engineering, Accounting, Finance, any Business in fact; all use the software package Microsoft Excel. It's good to get a head start.)

I can also fix alot of computer problems you are having as I am very proficient at using a computer and all kinds of software packages as well as hardware problems.

Accidently deleted your 100 page thesis or assignment (or anything) off your USB or external hard drive?? I can help you retrieve it! Yes, I can undelete and get it back off the harddrive for you.

I can also provide advice on other topics such as: Resume/Cover Letter/Interview. I went through the whole resume/cover letter writing and interview process and landed my dream job. I can help you improve your resume/cover letter and interview skills to get the job you want.

I have been living in Queensland since I was 8 years old. I can speak both English and Mandarin fluently


I have tutored 94 different people since I started tutoring in 2010.
I've been working as an electrical engineer in the power industry for over a year now.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours)
The University of Queensland (UQ)
Dean's Commendation for High Achievement
MacGregor State High School
Graduated Year 12 in 2004 OP6
First Aid Certificate

Any other additional information such as supporting documents will be happily
supplied upon request. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss further any
queries you may have regarding my tutoring service. You can reach me via mobile
or office phone or email at the contact details below:

If you email me and tell me: your name, a contact number, (the suburb at which you are living in if you want me to drive to you) and send me the assignment/task/question sheet of the topics you want help in. eg. Maths B - Integration, Grade 11 English - Essay Editing. etc This will allow me to be more prepared. I will then contact you at my earliest convince.

If it's urgent by all means call me.

Contact Details
Mobile: 0423 093 770
E-mail: (Preferred Contact Method)

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$40/hr if you come to me.



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MacGregor, Sunnybank, Eight Mile Plains, QLD




0423 093 770

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10 Feb 2013 10:42 PM

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